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Katariina Sarin

MSc, Labmanager, Helsinki My daily routines include taking care of the lab equipment and orders, and assisting in research projects, especially the drosophila related ones. I also take care of our extensive drosophila stock. My personal interests are in the regulation of growth and aging, and identifying new drug targets. Katariina in LinkedIn >>

Margareta Kling Pilström

I joined the KI lab in February 2018, in time to move the lab into our current premises in Biomedicum in Solna. Today I work with various molecular biology assays, including sample purification, gel analysis, PCR, immunohistochemistry etc. helping the researchers in the lab with various tasks. I also take care of the day-to-day operation of the lab such as ordering of supplies, maintenance of instruments, handling inventories of instruments and chemicals etc., along with administrative tasks such as handling invoices and travels amongst other things.

John Davies

I graduated from the University of London and undertook a PhD at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital on Integrin expression in Osteoclasts.  Since graduation I have worked in academic laboratories in the USA and UK, focusing mostly on factors determining cell fate and differentiation – during development or disease.  I moved to Cambridge in 1996 to work on research projects at Addenbrooke’s Hospital Biomedical Campus.  The University has provided opportunities to conduct fundamental and more clinically based research.  Topics of study at the Addenbrooke’s have ranged from using ScFv technology to identify antibodies causing autoimmune thrombocytopaenia to the analysis of patient mutations associated with Disorders of Sex Development.  After leaving Anna Philpott’s group investigating post-translational modifications of bHLH transcription factors in 2019, I began working as a Senior Research Technician with Jussi Taipale in the Department of Biochemistry.  The laboratory is located downtown in the heart of the university research campus, an exciting place to work and carryout ground breaking research.

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