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Jussi Taipale

Professor Jussi Taipale got his Ph.D. from the University of Helsinki in 1996, and continued with postdoctoral work at the University of Helsinki and at Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD, USA). He has headed an independent research laboratory since 2003, focusing on systems biology of growth control and cancer. He currently holds professorships at University of Cambridge (as Herchel Smith Professor of Biochemistry), Karolinska Institutet (supported by a Distinguished Professor grant from the Swedish Research Council) and University of Helsinki, where he is also the vice director of the Finnish Center of Excellence in Tumor Genetics.   The Taipale labs consist of two co-PIs (in KI and Helsinki), as well as five senior scientists, three postdoctoral fellows, three graduate students and supporting staff in the form of three lab managers and one personal assistant. The work of the group is supported by an advanced automated high throughput laboratory in Cambridge as well as sequencers and other equipment in all three locations.

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