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Tuomo Hartonen

I am a final year PhD student working on computational modeling and analysis of large scale genomics experiments. I have mainly been working with data from experiments like STARR-seq, ChIP-exo/nexus/seq, ATAC-seq, ATI-seq and HT-SELEX. Lately my focus has been on applying machine learning, especially deep learning, to understand the important features controlling gene expression in human promoters and enhancers. Tuomo in LinkedIn >> Tuomo in Twitter >>

Jilin Zhang

I joined Taipale lab in December 2014 at Karolinska Institutet and defended my Ph.D. thesis in May 2020. Gene expression is a complex dynamic process regulated by many distinct regulatory molecules, including DNA, RNA and proteins. To date, our understanding regarding the mechanism of gene regulation is limited due to insufficient knowledge of regulatory elements, even though sequencing technology has greatly broadened our horizons concerning the gene expression pattern alternation. My interest is to decipher the functional role of non-coding regions (or their products) in the gene regulation process, especially those regulatory elements associated with human diseases. To elucidate their roles may help to explain, at least partly, the mechanism by which gene expression is precisely controlled.

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